Fishing with Boston Fun Cruises (VIDEO)

As part of a regular bro-out session known as the Red Wedding, a good friend of mine chartered a fishing boat in the Boston Harbor. We booked with Boston Fun Cruises, who were excellent. Check out the video below.

We went out on the Belle from the Barking Crab in the Boston Seaport District. Captain Charlie managed to find some good spots around the Boston Harbor, and we snagged some flounder. I should say that collectively we knew absolutely nothing about fishing. That didn’t really matter though; first mate Squid and the rest of the crew were very helpful setting lines, changing my rig to a lefty setup, and filleting the fish for us.

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The Belle crew also made a stop for us to pick up about 40 lb of ice. This was a BYOB cruise, and they provided plenty of cooler space for sea sodas.

Another thing that worked in our favor was the roof on the Belle. None of us thought to bring a raincoat. We went through a complete downpour on the way in, but we all stayed dry.

The song in the video is called Rich Friends, but none of us really have any. That’s why we chartered a boat instead of hopping on a friend’s. When all was said and done, it ended up costing $80 / person for 15 of us. The whole trip lasted about 5 hours on a Saturday afternoon and was totally worth it.

Fishing on the Belle
Fishing on the Belle

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